• Oxygen powered system with NO AEROSOLS. Fragrance molecules are dispersed by the natural air movement within the area or room
  • Viva eliminates bad odors of any source and gives continuous fragrance throughout the refill life
  • World’s first Oxygen Powered Technology For Air Care, pure fragrance oil released and stays longer in the air
  • Dispensers come in different color that fits any interior design of your place easy handling, installation and service is less than a minute, light weight, small in size.
  • Oxygen Powered now comes in a new Model and Upgraded system with our OXYGEN – PRO Dispensers
  • Wide selection of fragrance that are available in 30 Days and 60 Days setting.
Eco Shell Universal Non-Aerosol Air Freshner
Nappy Minder – Nappy Bin
Femcare Sanitary Disposal System